How To Manually Light Pilot Light On Gas Fireplace

How To Manually Light Pilot Light On Gas Fireplace

How To Manually Light Pilot Light On Gas Fireplace. The fire should be lit. Press this button and you should see the pilot light turn on whenever you turn the gas control to start the gas.

How To Manually Light Pilot Light On Gas FireplaceHow To Manually Light Pilot Light On Gas Fireplace
Gas Fireplace Not Lighting Pilot On Lighting Ideas from

Based on the average cost of natural gas, this comes out to about $7 to $10 per month. You can turn up the gas at this point, since the pilot is. Locate the pilot light, which could be behind a panel or under the main frame of the unit.

Insert The Key Into The Gas Valve.

Turn off the control knob for about 5 minutes. Be careful with this, but insert the flame into the pilot light tube, and the. To ignite the pilot light, press your finger into the center of the control knob and hold it in place.

The Steps Involved In Lighting Your Pilot On Your Gas Fireplace Include:

Your first step is to access the inside of the gas fireplace or insert. How do you manually light a propane fireplace? Besides, can you manually light a gas.

Do Not Turn The Key Until You Are Ready To Light The Burner.

If your fireplace has no button, you will need to light the flame manually with a lighter or match. The pilot is where the gas comes out and provides the small flame used to light the main burner flames (the main flames seen in a gas fireplace). Switch the pilot switch to the “on” setting.

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After Approximately One Minute, Release The Gas Control Knob.

* if you do not see a red or black spark ignitor button, you do not have a manual ignition system. Next, look for the gas valve next to your fireplace. Click to see full answer.

These Are Usually Near The Floor.

Twist the shutoff valve to make it bring it parallel to the gas line. To light a gas fireplace, you will need to locate your pilot light. Click to see full answer.

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